Basketball Basics For Beginners

There is just something enticing about basketball. Every young child has a first goal of being able to shoot a small, round ball, into a hoop.

If your child has grown into a real basketball enthusiast, there are a few things he or she should know as they continue to play the sport.

Always have the perfect shoes

Basketball is an intense sport. It involves a ton of jumping, pivoting, and making quick, last-minute decisions that require you to swiftly change your footing. So, shoes matter – a lot. Equip your young player with specific, high top, basketball shoes to keep your player safe and prepared.

Start with a warm-up

This sport is also one of those that you never want to skip your warm-up. When playing basketball, your heart rate is up the entire time. An extreme cardiovascular activity such as this requires that your heart, lungs, and muscles be prepared before playing so intensely.

The basic basics

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If there were only three things you could ever know in basketball, they are: dribble, shoot, and jump. All of these are key moves when playing the sport and you really cannot play without knowing what they are.

Dribbling is the way you move the ball since it can never be picked up and carried, kicked, etc. in any way. Shooting is the method of getting the ball into the hoop, and jumping is well, you know, everything. In basketball you can jump to shoot and block other players.

Of course if you’re no pro yourself you can always enroll your child in basketball camps. These are the best ways to immerse your child in the support, surrounding them with others that love the game, and knowledgeable instructors to show them all the skills they need.

After that, all it takes is a little practice.