Richard Dawkins The God Delusion: A Theist Response

Richard Dawkins The God Delusion: A Theist Response

By Ian McCoy

  • Release Date : 2012-11-17
  • Genre : Philosophy
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Richard Dawkins The God Delusion: A Theist Response In this interesting piece; the author argues that Richard Dawkins has failed in his attempts to put a good rational argument for atheism.
The professor uses the rather feeble approach of setting up straw men only to dismantle them with great relish. These repeated mischaracterizations of faith do the atheist camp no favours. All it does is betray a vitriolic personal agenda.

It is argued that The God delusion has helped to perpetuate two major modern myths. First that religion and science contradict each other and second that Theists are unthinking drones. If Aristotle, Augustine, Plotinus, Aquinas, Descartes, Kant, Einstein, Collins and thousands of other genius's are unthinking drones -this would make Richard Dawkins intelligence amoeba like.

A rational case for Theism is proposed.


  • Seen the light (not)

    By Lodgey
    His argument seems to run along the lines of: "God exists - er - because He does! So there Mr Richard Dawkins with your fancy science and rational argument!" I don't know about you, but I'm convinced! (Actually this tripe is a good example of the "God of the gaps" discussed in Dawkin's book. You can't prove He doesn't exist - so He does. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.)
  • Terrible

    By Tomvjuggf
    This argument is terrible, he claims to uncover Dawkins as an idiot, when really all he is doing is contradicting Dawkins' arguments in the book. The part regarding the atoms in the brain is nonsense. And he fails to recognise that when he attributes the supernatural quality to 'God', he blindly asserts it and so makes his argument circular. All that exists is stuff, even if science hasn't developed to the point where all of the stuff in the universe can be seen or measured. Viva Dawkins.
  • Sigh.

    By Chriss_M
    Obviously a waste of time.
  • the god delusion at theist response

    By greville1
    It seems he has missed the point. There is no doubt historically that religion has been a force for evil rather than good. Crusades etc. Think if countries like Philippines where absence of birth control and acceptance that God is all powerful has subjected the majority to a life of poverty and unhappiness. Dawkins makes a good point that we are better off using our minds to improve our lot .
  • A Theist Response

    By One irate pirate
  • Nice philosophical second look

    By Bicwyzer
    Few typos and text could have been reworked to not fall into the Dawkins trap if over egging the emotion with in the argument rather than an objective criticism. Prof D has done us a favour by making an easy target for theistic apologists to simply quote done of his work verbatim usually puts most atheists off the line of reasoning offered in TGD.
  • Terrible

    By Standardpoodle
    Twists Dawkins words and makes countless logical fallacies, awful book. Read The God Delusion instead.
  • What a load of rubbish

    By Oobaladooba
    This is the most childish and unsupported attempt to take on a genius and his well formulated arguments and theories. All his bible basher has done is confirm my atheism and support of Dawkins logic and reason. Religion! What a complete waste of the short time we have.
  • Wow

    By hBensonn
    When you simply read the 'Book Description' and it's telling you things like Einstein was a theist, then you know to stay clear. You can draw your own conclusions. But this tells me the author is either ignorant on the subject he is writing his 'book' on or is a straight up liar. And the irony of it him saying Prof Dawkins doesn't do the Atheist camp any favours is truly magical.
  • Simply hilarious!

    By Mike cub
    This author confuses so many misconceptions of science and philosophy I don't know where to start! I found it a hilarious and enjoyable 10 min read!