I SIMPLY AM ...not who I think I am

I SIMPLY AM ...not who I think I am

By John R. Hain, MD

  • Release Date : 2014-09-18
  • Genre : Spirituality
  • FIle Size : 35.11 MB
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I SIMPLY AM ...not who I think I am If we human beings are not meant to create and live out our individual lives as though we are characters in a story, then what are we? "Who or what am I" is the most profound of all questions. Why? Because there is no way that it can be answered in words. The I that asks the questions cannot be converted by thought into some objective answer that adequately represents Truth. Hence the non-answer "I simply Am" allows the mysterious nature of who we truly are to unfold without limitation.

The invisible, immeasurable, and intangible Life Energy, the source of all, that brings forth, constitutes, and permeates all existence defies definition. Every one of us is a unique manifestation of It in every moment. It is quite possible to experience self and others on a much deeper level, to fully inhabit each moment, enlivened and inspired by Life Energy.  I Simply Am outlines a simple process of transcending insecurity by adopting a regular practice of body-centered inquiry and radical acceptance.

The “sense-a-book” format is intended to engage the reader more at a sensory and feeling level than cognitive. The book is rather short in order to give the reader plenty of opportunity to dwell on each page and sense what personal meaning arises in response.