Terms of Service

Terms of Service

By Michael Keller & Josh Neufeld

  • Release Date : 2014-10-22
  • Genre : Graphic Novels
  • FIle Size : 23.67 MB
Score: 4.5
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Terms of Service Big Data powers the modern world. With tools like FitBit tracking our every step and supercomputers like IBM’s Watson helping Memorial Sloan Kettering treat cancer patients, we literally live it. Data is part of our everyday lives through social media profiles, browsing histories and discount programs.

Big companies are collecting and using this information, too, and it can both help and hurt. Maybe we start making better choices about the food we eat or the money we spend. Or maybe an insurance company decides to increase its rate or even terminate a policy because it projects we’ll have diabetes in 18 months.

We believe many folks want to learn more about these issues but are turned off by coverage that can be dense and jargon-laden.
So we made a comic!
What do we gain from Big Data? What do we lose? Co-produced by reporter Michael Keller and cartoonist Josh Neufeld, we hope this graphic novella will give you a good foundation to start asking your own questions.

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  • Where is the word “freedom”?

    By Thibault: “Cut!”✂️
    This book is a good introduction to privacy and very entertaining. My main concern is I don't remember having read the word “freedom” in there. The link between freedom and privacy is too strong to be ignored. Our democracies, with their capitalism implementation of it, let the freedom happen to their citizen by creating an environment where only few of them would do “bad” things. And by “bad” we have to define a broader definition that the laws try to codify. By example: anything that hurt others could be a starting point. That freedom space that democracies have once created and maintained is based on trust, faith, good will, common sense, politeness, etc. That freedom space exist mainly (but not only) within our public and free communities, e.g. Libraries. Such communities are pillars of our freedom. Tracking everything, everywhere, anytime restrict that space of freedom. And without freedom, we don’t have anymore a democracy. That’s the risk. Facebook has not been a success because of the Internet, it surfed on our loss of communities. It happened in places where we were expecting that loss the least: universities. Maybe because short term businesses invaded those spaces too aggressively. It's not the Internet or any technology that crushed our sense of communities, pillars of our freedom. Yes, Technology have facilitated this erosion, but it's us, and only us, who have allowed this to happen. Its us and only us who decide to see a gun as a tool or a weapon. It's us who have chosen convenience, instant gratification over freedom. And only because we forgot what the word “freedom” meant. So, to me, a book about privacy not at least trying to explain the concept of freedom is missing the point. Entirely. Nonetheless this is a very good effort that I have enjoyed reading very much. I a just asking for a tome 2 :-)