My Romantic Comedy - Once Upon a Time

My Romantic Comedy - Once Upon a Time

By Mary Kelly Reed

  • Release Date : 2014-12-02
  • Genre : Romantic Comedy
  • FIle Size : 0.48 MB
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My Romantic Comedy - Once Upon a Time This is the first book of the trilogy: MY ROMANTIC COMEDY - (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BOOK ENDS WITH A CLIFFHANGER, THE STORY ENDS WITH THE THIRD BOOK : Happy Ending) 

Erin simply adores romantic comedies. Whether it be When Harry Met Sally, Two Weeks Notice or Roman Holiday, they all make her dream and believe that everything is possible in life. In order to convince her friends that they are wrong to be cynical, it's decided: She's going to test the scenarios of her favorite romantic comedies in real life. What better way to prove that she's right?

Whether your favorite romantic comedy happens to be Serendipity, You’ve Got Mail, or Down with Love, it’s highly likely that she's tried them out, and that she can inform you about their effectiveness. To begin with, she chooses Clueless, the most timeless of romantic comedies. After all, she could use some good karma, and to find love for her sister or her best friend seems like a good start to her.
Follow her, and who knows—maybe you too, will be inspired to find your own happy ending.


Matt takes us to a nice bistro and he recommends that we taste the grilled chicken. The truth is, I’m not very hungry, but I’m not going to show that I’m disturbed in front of his girlfriend, so I eat with a hearty appetite.
“It’s great to see that rumors didn’t affect your appetite.”
“Matt,” protests Elina, but I don’t give her the chance to defend me. I can manage by myself.
“Let him talk. I’m used to it. It would be good, however, if you’d tell me what you’re scheming.”
“You said you needed someone to sort out your reputation. What better way than being seen with my fiancée and me?”
“Unless they now think that I’m after a rich man with a fiancée.”
Elina bursts out with laughter.
“I didn’t consider that,” chuckles Matt. “Do you think I should change my plans?”
“I don’t think you should help me at all,” I whistle, although deep down I’m happy he took the time to defend me.
On the other hand, there are two sides to every coin, and I’m not very happy about being forced to have lunch with his girlfriend. 


When we enter the room and I see Lisa, who has arrived despite my prayers, I feel immediately threatened. How is it possible that photos don’t do justice to someone? If in photos she’s beautiful, in real life she is … stunning. I feel Matt’s hand tighten on my shoulder.
“Matt!” She pounces on him and kisses him on the lips. I didn’t know that an ex-fiancée had the right to do that.
“Lisa, nice to see you again.” Matt puts his hand on her arm, which I don’t think is necessary either. “Erin.” I’m not sure that the way he says my name indicates any particular attachment between us. “This is Lisa. Lisa, this is Erin.” Not my girlfriend, nothing, just Erin.
I take her hand and I am of course delighted to meet her. “Matt told me all about you.”
“Everything? Really?” She turns towards Matt to play the couple who has secrets to share. Maybe I don’t go out with men often, but I’ve seen so many romantic movies that I know all the ruses an ex-girlfriend can use.
“Oh, I’m certain that even if he didn’t already tell me everything, he will sooner or later. Matt can’t resist my interrogation methods.” If she wants to play this game, I can, too.
Matt tightens his grip on my hand; I bet that it isn’t to show that he’s proud of me.