If You Thought The Barre Was Only For Ballet, Take Another Look

The barre has made its way into many local gyms because of the huge range of fitness options it adds into the workout. You will not be surprised to learn there are some ballet aspects to it. Dancers use it as a way of keeping their balance when practicing moves and it makes sense that exercisers could do the same thing.

Barre classes livonia start with the same plan. But then build on it in a way that makes it fresh and new.  Add a dash of Pilates and a soupcon of yoga and you have a wonderful new way of getting exercise, improving your posture with the added benefit of not-falling over, it is truly an exercise win-win.

Barre classes livonia

The basis of barre work is actually isometric training – this is where you hold your body still and contract a specific muscle group. You might add ankle or wrist weights into the mix to work the muscles even harder. In addition to the isometrics, you will probably also do a series of smaller movements, as you might in yoga. The focus is on getting each movement as exact as possible much like a yoga pose too.

Hopefully this has inspired you to give it a try, you don’t have to have a dancer’s body to get the best out of the gym and of course if you find it isn’t the right thing for you, most gyms will offer a whole range of other classes and exercise possibilities. But this has the potential to be more than a craze, although it is very trendy at the moment.

Working the muscles by moving just a little but repeating frequently is harder than it seems. If you don’t believe it, give it a try.