Types of Martial Arts

There are several types of martial arts that you can participate in. When you learn a discipline, you learn how to protect yourself, enjoy a fascinating hobby, and meet greet new friends. Learn more about the different types of martial arts herndon and find training to learn the ropes without delay!

Hapkido: This is a Korean martial art that uses kicks, joint locks, strikes, and punches against the opponent.  People who participate in Hapkido also use weapons like ropes, a cane, nunchaku, and swords.  The goal of Hapkido is to gain control over the opponent using leverage and strength.

Judo: Judo is more common than Hapkido. It is a Japanese martial art that has been used since 1882.  The goal in Judo is to takedown the opponent and immobilize him with a choke, stranglehold, or a grappling maneuver.

Jiu Jitsu: Jiu Jitsu is another Japanese martial art. It is used to defeat an armed opponent without a weapon.  Jiu Jitsu uses the opponent’s energy against him rather than his strength.  Blocking, fulcrum throw, non-fulcrum throw, escape, and strike are the five principles of this martial art.

Karate: Karate is a Japanese martial art that uses string techniques to take down an opponent.  Hand strikes are commonly used in karate moves, as well as kicks, knee and elbow strikes and other open-hand techniques.

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Muay Thai: Muay Thai is a Thailand-based martial art that uses stand up strikes and clinches to defeat an opponent. Kicks, elbow strikes, ounces and knee strikes are also common. Muay Thai uses eight points of contact.

Which type of martial art is most exciting to you? The choices above are a few of the many. No matter your favorite, learning one of these disciplines can dramatically change your life for the better.